On Sunday morning, November 17, 1957, a door was opened at 5539 South State Street, in the city of Chicago. Seventeen children were enrolled in Sunday School. Seven individuals attended the worship service. This newly formed mission was organized as St. Samuel Temple Church of God in Christ with Elder Samuel Patterson as pastor. The church was added to the roster of Central Illinois Jurisdiction under the leadership of Bishop Louis H. Ford.

1958 - 1972
God continued to smile on this planted vine. Though small in number, the church and its’ leadership were rich in faith, trusting God for a new location. St. Samuel Temple moved to 6064 S. State Street on August 31, 1958. The heartaches, disappointments and setbacks were many. Some fell by the wayside, but God had given a few who refused to doubt His power.

1973 - 1982
On Sunday, December 3, 1973 the Lord blessed us to move into our own church at 8749-53 S. State Street. Visions of building a new church at this location burned in the heart of our pastor, Elder Samuel Patterson. Through his ministry many souls were saved, healed and delivered. The membership began to grow, and the Lord began to bless financially. A ten-year contract was satisfied in eight years.

1983 -1990

The Eighties was decade of tremendous revivals. Many were saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. Evangelist from various parts conducted these revivals with soul-stirring impact.

With sustained growth, God led our founder to begin building. The foundation was laid, and a new edifice was started. Additional funds were needed and the Lord without solicitation on our part allowed a community bank to loan of the capitol needed. We too paid this loan earlier than projected.

1991 - 1994
The building program which began in the late 80’s, now sees the completion of a new edifice in 1991, dedicated by the late Bishop Louis H. Ford. Our pastor shared honors as “Pastor of the Year”. In addition to the new edifice, adjacent property was purchased three years later giving the ministry the entire corner.

1995 - 2000
In 1995 after the death of Bishop Ford, Pastor Samuel Patterson made a decision to align himself with the consent of the church under the leadership of Administrative Asst. Robert Sanders. At the forming of Third Jurisdiction Illinois Pastor Patterson served as Administrative Asst. and Superintendent of the Lillian Brooks Coffey District.

2001 - 2003
In 2001 Pastor Samuel Patterson turned the reins of the ministry over to his son Richard, Sr. Elder Richard Patterson was installed by Bishop Robert Sanders with the consent of the membership. Elder Richard Patterson, Sr. made his goals and objectives clear. The first and primary goal was to pay the church off. In August 2003 St. Samuel Temple paid the mortgage in full.

2004 - 2006
In 2004, the present sanctuary was redecorated with new carpeting, fresh paint and decorative trim. Also on September 16th the Lord summoned our founder home. His passing had a profound impact on the lives of the membership. We will never forget him, nor neglect to speak of him to future generations. Thanks be to God, our founding mother, Mother Bennie Patterson is yet with us lifting up the name of Jesus.

In this our “Year of Jubilee” the membership was instructed by God to follow his command of sowing and reaping during Jubilee (Leviticus 25). The membership did not tithe from employment income, yet the Lord as promised blessed the ministry realizing more than 80% of the previous year’s income. Every obligation was satisfied in a timely manner. Four of our area bishops (Marshall, Booker, Austin and Sanders) came to celebrate during our anniversary month. We waited until this year to hold the mortgage burning ceremony with our bishop, Bishop Robert Sanders presiding.

The church purchased a 15-passenger van, financed by NorthStar Credit Union. Its use became apparent immediately, reaching capacity for every service.

The pastor initiated an insurance program with the assistance of Elder Darrak Scurles of Denver, CO. The church presently owns life policies on several members to help in the event of death as well as Critical Illness and Disability policies on the Pastor.

2010 – 2012
The church agreed and embarked upon a building project to improve and expand the present facilities. That project unfolded with a building fund started at the end of year 2011. A new roof was installed June of 2012 and a parsonage under negotiation presently.


The church closed on the parsonage February 14, 2014. It was a cash purchase with the assistance of NorthStar Credit Union of Warrenville, IL who provided a $25,000.00 Line of Credit. This line at the end of September was “Paid In Full”.


The Lord has blessed us to achieve many of our goals over the years and we have set our sights on an even brighter future.

In March of 2016 our Senior Mother Bennie Patterson reached a birthday milestone; celebrating 90 years of life. Family and friends gathered for a wonderful celebration.

After 43 years of waiting, the property adjacent to the north of the church became available. The church entered into an agreement to purchase. Within two months through the efforts of our Pastor working once again with the NorthStar Credit Union Family, we closed on December 30, 2016. This purchase now brings the Real Estate Holdings to ½ a block of a major Chicago street overlooking a major thoroughfare.

2017 – Present

The church continues to move forward at an acceptable pace. Work is yet being done on the Annex, with updated electricity a new finance office, dining chairs, etc. The sanctuary has been furnished with brand new chairs, allowing for better use of space. The lobby is being prepared for a memorial area, honoring the legacy of our church. One side will be devoted to our founders and the other side to members passed on.

In May the Sovereign God and Master summoned our Sainted Senior Mother Bennie C. Patterson to her eternal rest. Her 91 years of life came to an end leaving an unfillable void. She is the epitome of faithfulness and one to be modeled after and revered for her exemplary life.

In December 2017, due to changes made with in the Church of God in Christ, Inc. St. Samuel Temple voted to remove itself from the corporate body.  We are now known as St. Samuel Temple Church, Elect of God Holiness Church, under the leadership of our Pastor, Bishop Richard E. Patterson, Sr.

St. Samuel Temple is pressing on and moving forward……To God Be the Glory
St. Samuel Temple Elect of God Holiness Church